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Apparatus engineering

Sketch of a heat exchanger.

Apparatus engineering is primarily concerned with the dimensioning, construction and production of  tube bundle heat exchangers - pressure vessels which have to satisfy increased safety requirements.     

Apart from accurate knowledge about the internal processes of a heat exchanger, the design, strength, engineering mechanics, material science, thermal transfer and fluid mechanics all play a crucial role in the design of our appliances.    

These “hard” criteria and more than 70 years of experience enable us to combine theory and practice to a high-quality product - time after time.

Tube bundles

A tube bundle used in heat exchangers.

The design of the tube bundle, in particular, is responsible for the efficient and fault-free operation of a heat exchanger. The tube bundle is the component which - depending on use - is placed under the greatest strain.      

That is why we offer an enhanced service for tube bundles  - our own and those of other manufacturers. From cleaning over repair to complete replacement. Improvements and modifications on the grounds of revised operating conditions are implemented in terms of procedure and material.


A module installed in a frame.

We manufacture modules as self-contained units for various applications. Our modules are installed in a frame  - combined with additional components such as valves, pumps and control systems



A pressure tank.

To supplement our production programme we produce various pressure tanks – as well as demisters and separators. For example:     

Gas storage tanks
Compressed air tanks
Hydraulic accumulators
Boilers for thermal oil plants
Separators, accumulators, filters (water separator)
Condensate collection tanks
Process vessels and devices
Heated or cooled pressure tanks as component parts of a system
Steam distributors

Our production program at a glance

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